We're thrilled about our City's goal to be the "greenest city by 2020". We strive to design buildings that have the least impact on our environment as practicable. Working to Clients's budgets, we suggest innovative means to achieve sustainability goals, whether formal (e.g.  LEED) or informal. For example, we employ well-considered water systems (e.g. roof cisterns) and natural HVAC to reduce a building's energy use. Our approach to urban planning is to protect valuable ecosystems and wildlife.  Several client projects have allowed us to make sustainability a key priority in design, including: 

The Terraces, Port Moody
2250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Central City Brewing, Surrey
Willow Beach, Osoyoos 

At AMA we value a healthy environment:  As a team, we "live this" in day-to-day office activities.  For example, client presentation drawings are now printed on bio degradable foam core.Old foamcore sheets are re-used wherever possible. (Conventional foamcore takes 400 years to break down in a landfill!)
As well, our lunch room has  food composting and our office features a specialized recycling programme and bicycle storage used by staff and clients. 

FUN FACT: We now use home-made notepads made from discarded architectural drawings.