About This Project

Wilmar Residence, Vancouver, B.C.

"A New Lease on Life"

Vacant and listed for sale at $8.5 million with no buyers, the now heritage-listed Wilmar estate was formerly owned by the same family since its construction in 1925. No longer financially sustainable against the property value; Wilmar mansion faced demolition. A public consultation process identified robust public support for preventing this, however this option was financially non-viable. So came a feasible renovation and redevelopment plan; the construction of five new homes on the extensive property- that would see the historic Tudor structure preserved.

The architecture challenge? To introduce new single family infill houses, that echo the style of the estate, while avoiding neo-classical cliches. The incumbent design conceives of proportionately smaller, low-rise residences- to emphasize Wilmar's original grandeur. Traditional 16th Century British architectural characteristics includes; a coach house, dormer windows, intricate wainscoting, crown mouldings, and stunning entry staircase. Tudor style architecture is expressed through half-timbered gables, herringbone brickwork and natural materials. This project is in development stage.

Fun fact: "WilMar", comes from the combined names of Willard and Mary Kitchen, whose family and descendents built and occupied the house until 2006, when the last living member, Judith Jardine, passed away and bequeathed the residential property to the Vancouver Foundation.