About This Project

Private Residence, Vancouver, B.C.

“I wanted to have my house as full of light as possible", was the homeowner's vision, when she first commissioned a west-coast modern style home, with a seamless transition from inside to outside living, for her family. "We came to Tim with a file folder of ideas; we were all over the place". AMA's design edited down to three essential elements;
1)generous scale, 2) sense of floating, and 3) illumination - with a minimalist sensibility.

True to vision, this whitewashed home lures light inward through cascading windows that overlook a shimmering fish pond. Abundant skylights and a naturally-illuminated master bedroom headboard provide luminescence. Limited permissible window sizes on the main and second floors, was overcome by harnessing floor-to-ceiling glass on side yard walls. There's also full height glazing in the basement, which creates a courtyard backdrop; flooding the ground level with natural light. It feels anything but basement-like. The home's “H” shape, capitalizes on north-facing views for rear rooms that otherwise would be remiss (rear bedrooms, both kitchens).

The bespoke "floating" central stair connects all three levels. It features glass guards, a white steel 'backbone' and wood treads. Overhead, the catwalk-style mezzanine connects east and west wings. The exterior features concrete structure, glass, and locally-sourced cedar soffits, complete with steel details. An oversized entry door, and recessed porch embody the clients' desire for indoor-outdoor living and entertaining.