About This Project

The Terraces, Port Moody, B.C.

The Terraces project celebrates a collective human connection with the natural environment: Drawing inspiration from the plush rice paddy fields of Southern China, AMA designed the building as a series of ascending terraces that conform to the contours of the Chineside Escarpment. So rather than building vertically, eleven storeys are stepped back along grade. The result is an inconspicuous low-rise building, never more than six stories in vertical height.

Nestled into the Port Moody hillside, the Terraces site is betrothed with unprecedented views of the city skyline, wilderness, and North shore mountains. AMA were challenged to design an 11 storey multi-unit residence that would neither dominate the local landscape nor compromise habitat. Congruent to an agro-ecosystem, water sustainability was paramount to the building's design: Rainwater cisterns, located on the roof, will recycle and re-use grey water in the community garden, and for roofdeck landscaping irrigation. The planned 'extensive' green roof relates to the site's natural setting, whilst guarding against heat island effect and extending the roof life. The irrigation system works much like a rice fields': Water is collected on the top deck, then gravity fed to the one immediately below to serve that deck’s irrigation system.

Other 'green' measures include:
- 75% of the surrounding natural habitat is to be ring-fenced for protection.
- Nature trails maintained for the community's enjoyment
- Community roof gardens & children's play areas - outdoor
- Generous sized, landscaped patios
- Double flush toilets
- Geothermal heating & cooling
- Adjustable Cedar sunshades - reduce energy use.
- Cedar wood panels will be salvaged from fallen trees on site.

Naturally finished cast in place concrete clad with cedar panels relates to the natural surrounding cedar forest.
The interior aesthetic will be contemporary and casual, with natural wood accents. Suites will feature huge patios, flush with sun-loving greenery. Floor to ceiling windows, smart floor plans that capitalize on view angles.
Upon completion, (forecast in 2015), the Terraces will offer unprecedented liveability- residents will live, work and play on site.