About This Project

Red Truck Brewery and Diner, Vancouver, B.C.

This 18,500-square-metre brewery design has an ostensibly modern architectural design, whilst also nodding to 1950's nostalgia.

The client sought to both build a state of the art brewery, and capitalize on a branding opportunity through architecture and design. Indeed, the iconic Red Truck brand lends itself to a design of vintage-inspired details such as the hexagonal tiled floor, and snappy 'fire engine' red accents. The exterior will be clad in corrugated metal, wood accents and unique architectural details. From the tasting lounge, there is a "sneak peek" view behind the scenes: This state-of-the-art brewing facility will be complete with several 12’ stainless steel brewing kettles, high ceilings, and a control room for brewmasters to overlook the operations below. Outside, a number of large scale brewing equipment takes the stage- such as grain silos, a pipe bridge and grain conveyor crosses the parking lot. The dramatic water tower- will soar over False Creek.

Fun Fact: The folks at Mark James Group didn't want their construction groundbreaking to be a boring ribbon cutting, so they dropped an old red truck from a crane instead!