About This Project

On Que, Vancouver, B.C.

a design-your-home adventure

The vibrant Main Street community- eclectic with a strong artists presence, lively street level experience and a village feel- is reflected in the On Que architecture: A decidedly contemporary design, OnQue has hints of vintage mid-century modern. Built from black stone and wood, with steel and painted glass accents, this combination of construction materials speaks to the community’s industrial roots, casual urban sensibility and vitality.
The client sought an interior floor plan, that would service various residents over time. The challenge was aptly met with a unique solution: movable walls. The “OnePlusOne” units have partitions that homeowners can reconfigure to make a living area plus bedroom, or a bedroom and guest room, or a bedroom and an office. These innovative movable partitions allow residents to adapt their space to new uses as their needs change, without any extra cost or construction. Fresh, stylish and casual, the smart floor plans maximize light and combine social areas around a wall of cascading windows.
Extensive landscaping, a striking waterfall feature and south facing roof deck with North Shore and city are key features. Energy efficient appliances, standard low-E glass and low flow faucets and toilets, cater to a collectively eco-consciousness community.

*Partners: Gair Williamson Architects