About This Project

Vancouver Co-Housing, Vancouver, B.C.

At AMA, we're thrilled to be at the helm of the "Co-housing" concept. Through our role as lead architect, we're delighted to be participating in the actualization of this sustainable, community-focused shift, in our city.

What is Co-Housing? Co-housing is multi-family housing that combines the autonomy of private dwellings with the advantages of shared resources and community living.
Next Up: Cohousing in Vancouver Our Cedar Cottage project, on 33rd Avenue, is Vancouver’s first Co-housing project. It was approved at 3rd reading by City Council on March 13, 2013. AMA has been collaborating with specialists from California, and other parts of BC (e.g. Whistler and North Vancouver) to learn the best practices of community-led design, share our knowledge of sustainable architecture and multi-family architecture. We are thoroughly enjoying this exciting project.