About This Project

Jeff's Residence, Vancouver, B.C.

"...the conversion of big old mansions into multiple-unit housing can boost density and protect our heritage in the process." - The Globe & Mail, Feb. 2013

Built during Vancouver’s “golden years,” the original Jeffs Residences is a testament to the Grandview-Woodland area’s prestigious history. A beacon of historic Queen Anne revival architecture, this three-and-a-half-storey historic Jeff's family house reflects the formerly affluent neighbourhood enclave. Since the 20's it provided rental housing to Commercial Drive: 18 units, with poorly conceived additions that had attached over the years like barnacles.Our team worked closely with the community and client to list the home on the Vancouver Heritage Registry, then began designing this restoration. The challenge was to develop new residences that would both add density and complement- not overshadow- this important residence. AMA designed new two-and-a-half-storey row houses to the north and east of the house, with distinctive peak roof lines to echo the original house.

The new townhomes are characterized by a bright, contemporary design, complete with electric fireplaces and gourmet kitchens. Wide plank wood floors, over-height ceilings and generous windows with crown moldings; evoke the charm and character reminiscent of stately English homes. The resulting building conservation and new heritage-inspired construction blend turn-of the century architecture seamlessly with stately-modern interiors.