About This Project

Central City Brewery, Surrey, B.C.

To design a major combination brewery and distillery project of this proportion proved an exciting challenge for the AMA team. At 65,000 SF, the sheer scale of the building, plus technical operational requirements and to meet such production targets, made for an ever- challenging project. The exterior architecture features striking v-shaped ‘ghulam’ wood beams around the periphery. The gentle curve of the building's exterior, clad in solid wood panels, provides visual warmth and a distinctly west coast feel to this working brewery and distillery. Giant stainless steel kettles dot the interior landscape, as do barrel aging casks and equipment. Huge cascading windows invite the public inside for a tour and a taste of iconic "red racer" brew. Included in the building design is a retail shop and capacity for public tours. Despite the grand scale, all architectural details down to the tiled floor and logo have been paid great attention to.
AMA's design received the Commercial Building Awards Award of Excellence in the industrial category.