About This Project

Taylor's Crossing, North Vancouver, B.C.

“The birth-house of local Vancouver craft beer”

Red Truck beer owner's Mark James' vision, when he purchased the site of the original Avalon Hotel in 2000, was to transform it into a working micro-brewery, for his brewmaster to test craft flavours, as well as develop a mixed-use project consisting of a brewery, restaurant, pub, book store, and retail.

To incorporate a large scale complex (beer & liquor store, Indigo and Chapters) while maintaining an industrial sensibility, AMA created a "commercial village”; celebrating the important back-end of the site as importantly as the streetscape. A traditional brick, steel and glass façade provides the impression of a building that has stood the test of time and relates to some of North Vancouver’s long-standing buildings.

An industrial interior, complete with stainless steel brewing kettles and 22’ ceilings, is tucked into the Tailor's Way mixed-use complex, which now boasts being the "birthplace of Red Truck Beer”. As the iconic Red Truck brand gained a following among the beer aficionados, Red Truck has since outgrown it's birthplace, and the building has been re-adapted.

AMA is again partnering with Mark James Group on their new state-of the art facility and tasting diner - opening this winter.

Fun Fact: Received the District of North Vancouver’s Advisory Design Panel “Award of Excellence for Significant Contribution to the built environment of North Vancouver in 2001".